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Re: [opensuse-project] How to name the baby
  • From: Jay <MyMailClone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 21:05:51 +0200
  • Message-id: <2324039.FdZeN6Eazx@linux-tez8>
Am Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015, 11:27:15 schrieb Cornelius Schumacher:
On Wednesday 17 June 2015 11:57:03 Andrew Wafaa wrote:
Sorry but why re-name anything? What on earth is wrong with what we
have currently - openSUSE $VERSION & openSUSE Tumbleweed?

The nature of the distribution has changed. openSUSE always was something
like "latest stable". With Tumbleweed we have some "very latest" now. The
new openSUSE based on SLE sources is more like "stablest".

To reflect this in the name will help us to communicate that we are doing
something new (and hopefully better). There is this quote which applies
here: "I don't know if it will become better when I change it, but I do
know that it won't become better, if I don't change it" ;-)

In some way we are doing Rock & Roll here. Tumbleweed is "openSUSE Roll",
the rolling release. The new openSUSE based on SLE sources is "openSUSE
Rock", the rock-solid release.


I became aware of this topic through an article in today.

As a satisfied openSUSE-long-time-user (6.2 to currently 13.1) and someone
with a marketing-background, I thought I might chime in here.

If I understand the info correctly, by integrating SUSE-packages
the next release is going to be something really outstanding in the distro-
world. And a big move forward for openSUSE and its (potential) users.

This should be reflected in the name.

While (even better?) reliability is definitely a key-benefit, I would not put
too much emphasis on it in this case.
Why? Because you run the risk of ending up with something rather boring
instead of dynamic, significant and exciting.

But excitement and attention is what you need to get to have an impact in the
crowded markets of today. And the product's name is the best place to start.

Therefore, my suggestion would be

openSUSE Leap

like in "leap forward", "quantum leap" or "...but ...giant leap for mankind"
(or at least for a chameleon, that is ;)

Following (service-) releases might be named "openSUSE Leap 1.1", "Leap 2"
etc. Each release a leap.

The associations that "leap" evokes are obvious. Marketing could spin a nice
story around it.
And the press would have something to play with.

Well - just a suggestion. Hope it helps!
Thinking about it was fun.

So long and good luck!

Rainer Fiebig
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