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Desktop Users don't contribute - My response Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere

On 07-May-2015 2:58 pm, "Richard Brown" <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


And in the case of all of the other, non-developer contributions, the
situation we face in our community right now is pretty ugly.
We basically don't have a marketing team any more, the wiki doesn't
get the attention and polish it deserves, our admin team are working
at full capacity and need more help, and so on and so forth.

What has the existing community done to overcome this trend? What have they
done to encourage the desktop users to contribute to the project?

And so, the suggestion from the Board that we steer the Project in a
direction that directly targets 'Makers', an audience which primarily
encapsulates sysadmins and developers, but also users who overlap
these audiences and/or aspire in that direction

This is an area we're already strong in, technically, and we think
we'll be able to attract the kind of people who naturally, and easily,
are able to both use, benefit from, and contribute back to openSUSE

This isn't an 'abandonment' of our other users, openSUSE will still
work for them as well as it does today, hopefully better, but I think
it's very important that openSUSE has clear direction, a clear target,
which allows us to apply focus to improve our offerings for those
people, and hopefully in return get more new blood into the community
who can contribute back and continue the upward trajectory we
currently have.



Who'd contribute to non-technical aspects of project?
Desktop Users I guess. And the technical contributions will be made by
developers and system administrators.
So, if openSUSE is made more developer centric then, how many users are going
to use openSUSE. And how many users are going to contribute?

I suggest before making openSUSE a developer centric project, the
website gets updated (as shown in Roberts keynote) with a link to contributions
page on every * page. Then wait for sometime to see if users start

I've been using openSUSE as my default GNU/Linux distro for last two years and
have been visiting at least once a month, but never came to
know about I only came to
know about it when I became interested in packaging. I googled "packaging on
openSUSE" and one of the search results landed me there.

And even though I somehow reached that page I didn't came to know about
openFATE from wiki. I came to know about openFATE from

And what does portal: how to participate tell - participate, document, develop,
spread, lead, release it. I wish the page also described what those string of
texts mean. Then it would have lead me (or other users) to click on those on
those links. Else why would anyone want to click on those links.

One more thing - the developers and system administrators are more competent
than normal desktop users. So they can easily customize their system according
to their need. Whereas if make a distro developer centric, the users will
become less comfortable and will scare them away.

Akash Vishwakarma
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