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Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere
S√łndag den 10. maj 2015 13:22:40 skrev Stephan Kulow:
The question is more: what users/contributors we take out of the regular
openSUSE release user pool by making TW a perfect rolling release? And
my answer: enough to warrant rethinking our regular release's scope.

But my point is that it must be possible to keep them in the pool, at least to
a certain degree. Even if it's difficult, it should be easier than creating a
whole new, separate pool from scratch working with old stuff.

Of course even before Tumbleweed, this problem existed, most of the packagers
and very technical users would have bastardized the stable openSUSE release
with a ton of OBS devel repos within a few days from release and not really
care about the stable release anymore. And I guess it's simply not possible to
find many people with the necessary technical skills who care enough about a
"boring" stable distro to volunteer their time.

But still it must be possible to motivate Tumbleweed users/contributors to
care about the stable release to some extent.

Like I said before, most Tumbleweed users must need something else to install
for their parents, girlfriends, work PCs, media centres, servers etc. (the
added lifetime plays a big part here, and prolonging the lifetime _and_ the
release cycle, still means "only" two concurrent releases to maintain at any

It must motivate at least some Tumbleweed contributors bringing their packages
to hundreds of thousands of people, and not just a limited group of Tumbleweed

The SLE based openSUSE releases would mean that there's a gap of 1-3 years or
more, between doing some work in Tumbleweed and the work reaching end users.
And most likely a significantly smaller group of end users than now.
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