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Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere

On Saturday 2015-05-09 19:24, Richard Brown wrote:

Let me give you an example which illustrates my why I think our
current model just doesn't work

openSUSE 13.2 has at least another 20 months of life in it,[...]
[but] KDE 4 will be effectively end-of-life in the eyes of Upstream
before November 2015. That means no more maintenance, no security
updates, nothing from upstream. We're on our own.

That does not seem too different from the many low-profile packages
whose most recent tarball is already 10+ years old. Just because
openSUSE 13.2 is called "supported" does not mean there are eyes on
every package, like the one called "bb".

The term "support" needs to be re(de)fined - right now, it is an
"all or nothing" thing of boolean type: either openSUSE x.y is
supported, or it is EOL. This model does not fit.

If KDE4 goes out of maintenance by 13.3, so be it.
Meanwhile, System/Base may still live on.

At other times, I wanted to submit an update for an already-EOLd
distro, simply because the update was so Low Hanging Fruit, but
the maintenance guys rejected what I feel is just a button press
(to accept + trigger the publisher) simply because "it's EOL".
That, too, is sad.

Why not have a Regular Release that, in November 2015, has KDE 4 still
as an option? Users will be happy. Maintaining it shouldn't be hard if
upstream aren't changing anything.

My point exactly.
Stable does not necessarily imply "is maintained", foremost it means
"has been tried and found to operate well while it was being
maintained". And that's ok.

However, I'd ask those people, deep down, to identify the key reason
they like the current openSUSE regular release.

If you're motivated to use openSUSE because "I want a Linux
distribution that just works", then please, help us with this new
Regular Release, in order to make it perfect for you use cases.

That is all I ever did, and it works for me and my cases.
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