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Re: [opensuse-project] After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE
Fredag den 1. maj 2015 12:07:00 skrev jdd:
After the Richard talk at OSC, the status of openSUSE stays unclear,
that's normal it have to be discussed, but I see it like this:

* Tumbleweed, the rolling release will the distribution for advanced
* openSUSE?
* I new variant (name?) will be more stable, very long time support (at
least 3 years), yearly release?

As I see it we basically have two options, if we want a stable release (and we
_do_ want a stable release. Surely even the most hardcore bleeding edge people
must need something predictable and stable for their girlfriend, parents, work
PC, media centre, home server etc.)

Option A
Based on Tumbleweed, 1 year release cycle, 26 months support (2 releases+2

Option B
Based on SLE, 1-3 year release cycle(?), 3 years support or more

These are the scenarios we should be comparing.

Now I have some major reservations about option B. I'm not a packaging expert
so I could be wrong about some of them.

Option B would be much more work. You would start almost from scratch and
you'd need to do a lot of work to backport a reasonable amount of
packages/applications to the very basic core that is SLE, to achieve a
somewhat attractive general purpose distro. This would already be difficult now
that SLE12 is almost "new", 2-3-4 years from now it will be next to impossible
I guess. (How long was it between SLE11 and SLE12? 5 years). With a Tumbleweed
snapshot you get a pretty decent distro with tons of packages "for free",
which can become quite good with a couple of months of feature frozen
polishing. As Tumbleweed improves over time, this will become even more true.

Option B would create two almost completely separate communities. There would
be hardly anything shared between Tumbleweed and SLE based openSUSE. With
Tumbleweed based openSUSE you have much more synergy (packaging, howtos,
artwork, whatever), because Tumbleweed and openSUSE would be reasonably close.

Who will work on SLE based openSUSE? I doubt Tumbleweed packagers will move
3-4 years back in time trying to build stuff. At least some Tumbleweed
packagers care about the Tumbleweed based releases, of course mostly around
release time when they're still 98% identical to Tumbleweed.

Maybe option B would attract some new, different kind of packagers, that care
enough about stability and productivity to spend their free time on it, but I
think that's pretty unlikely - even Debian packagers barely care about the
stable version is my impression.
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