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Re: [opensuse-project] After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE
From the view of one of the openSUSE forum moderators (and the other moderators may have a different view, as this is my private view wrt giving support) I am not particularly keen on seeing a kernel that is too old with openSUSE. Again , this comes from a forum support viewpoint.

Currently , I believe the openSUSE packagers have done a super job with their kernel management, ensuring openSUSE gets a new fairly recent and stable kernel every 9-months or so (timed to the new release).

This 'not too old' kernel has a significant advantage from a support point of view, which means new hardware support (that is not too ancient) is constantly fed into openSUSE. One does not often need to go to tumbleweed (to get a possibly less tested openSUSE kernel version) to obtain more recent hardware support from a newer kernel.

ie if SLE has an old kernel, I would be concerned that the hardware support for openSUSE would suffer. Reviewers/new-users installing openSUSE for the first time (who are not aware of Tumbleweed) could stumble and have problems here.

Would applying a Tumbleweed kernel be the only way to address such an older kernel concern ?


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