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Re: [opensuse-project] After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE
Akash Vishwakarma - 10:32 3.05.15 wrote:
Question Regarding the Proposed openSUSE (freeze - release) Distribution:
When I think of distros made for stability, two distros come into my
mind - Debian and CentOS
Debian gets faster package updates than centOS but, Debian has slower
package updates than current openSUSE.

So, Richard, how fast package updates will be on proposed openSUSE
Distribution. In your talk you told that the package update will
decrease in comparison to current openSUSE distribution. In terms of
package update frequency where will you place the proposed
distribution with respect to the Debian and centOS. Faster than Debian
or somewhere in between Debian and centOS or even slower than centOS.

My guess would be something in between. Somewhere in this conversation
coolo proposed to keep inner rings tied to SLE sources but as openSUSE
is much bigger than SLE, I personally think that next openSUSE release
could be something like a mix of SLE core and Backports project Ludwig
spoke about (video upload pending) and maybe even more.

But generally in the released products, we tend to try to keep same
versions. If we tie core to SLE, we will also have quite small
differences between 13.3 and 13.4 but at some point we will get a big
jump when we will migrate to SLE13.

3 year or more release cycle doesn't matters much to me. But, as
normal conservative user what matters to me is package update

Should be pretty safe - no big version updates, we have Tumbleweed for
crazy guys like me :-)
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