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[opensuse-project] Re: After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE [ARMv7 point of view]
  • From: "Matwey V. Kornilov" <matwey.kornilov@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 03 May 2015 11:36:17 +0300
  • Message-id: <mi4mm1$amq$>
01.05.2015 13:07, jdd пишет:
After the Richard talk at OSC, the status of openSUSE stays unclear,
that's normal it have to be discussed, but I see it like this:

* Tumbleweed, the rolling release will the distribution for advanced users
* openSUSE?
* I new variant (name?) will be more stable, very long time support (at
least 3 years), yearly release?

In fact it may not be usefull to have three kind of distros, if
Tumbleweed is stable enough *and* can cope with proprietary video
drivers and Virtualbox drivers (is that kmp?), because it's the only
reason one needs really the present openSUSE version

just my understanding


Hi, having read amount of mail on the topic, I would like to say the

I like idea to have Rolling-Release + Shared-with-SLE-core on x86.
But, basically it won't work on armv7 boards. I have been trying to run
openSUSE on BeagleBone Black for one year or so and found that
tuning/fixing the kernel is the largest part of work.

I have to say that openSUSE Kernel people are kind and always accept my
patches/configs even to released kernels. When I started, BeagleBone
Black did not even boot on openSUSE 13.1, and then dozen of patches were
applied for 13.1-branch after 13.1 release to make it bootable. The
almost same story was with 13.2.

I don't think that this approach will be acceptable for kernel shared
with SLE
( doesn't
even have armv7 configs). And looking back into past, I would not say
that it is easy to backport all BeagleBone related stuff from 4.1 into
3.12. And after five years or so, when SLES 13(?) will be released with
new kernel - BeagleBone board will be most likely ruined and obsoleted
and nobody will need it support.

So, the point here, that for Ports (armv6 armv7) we just won't have
Not-Rolling Release. At the same time Rolling-Release part is being
developed way too fast for me and other ARM people, in my opinion.
Because something always broken in ARM part of Linux kernel (once,
updating from 3.16.2 to 3.16.3 just broke booting on BBB ;) and the time
is required to understand what is broken and to send patches to
upstream. I would not say that *-rc period is usually sufficient to do
so. And as a consequence, tumbleweed kernel fails to boot on different
boards with major updates (i.e. 3.17 -> 3.18) from time to time.

You may think of people with RPi and all this stuff as crazy hobbyists
blinking their leds, but I am personally use one BBB in production as
inexpensive industrial automation solution and I don't want the
tumbleweed update eventually bricks my system due to bug in kernel which
we could not fix in time.

So at this point, neither rolling-release nor stable-core-release are
suitable for current openSUSE:Ports (armv6 armv7) (IMO)

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