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Re: [opensuse-project] After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE

Am 01.05.2015 um 16:06 schrieb Richard Brown:
Is it so hard? Those who do, decide - If the GNOME team want to put a
new GNOME on this, they can do that.. same for KDE..or any other there another way we decide anything else?

The "those who do, decide" does not always work.
Then we need to come up with a policy what "those who do" really have to
deliver afterwards.
Because with openSUSE currently "those who do" do not always care shit
about their stuff after a few month anymore.
(Hereby I excuse myself to everyone who does not act like this! But I
guess you get the point.)
So everyone wanting to update/replace a component must provide
maintenance for the period which still need to be defined because 18
months is something out of question at least for me.

Given that we already have these kind of overlay repos in OBS (KDE,
Gnome, etc) having a relatively small set of packages replacing/updating
the SLES part but probably focus more on additional ones to compensate
the big difference between amount of openSUSE and SLES packages could be
a way forward.

I think we're thinking along the same lines, though if you could
explain what you're seeing in more detail, that would be great

Hmm, if I would see more details ;-)
So while updating stuff provided already in SLES is unavoidable for
openSUSE and in some cases for sure wanted it should not be the main
focus because it will again cause extra work for everyone.
A "new openSUSE" still should be around as big as now. So there is still
plenty of work to provide all these additional packages. I just want to
avoid to deviate too much from what we now get as a baseline.
I guess I cannot explain it better atm.


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