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Re: [opensuse-project] [Announcement] SUSE Release SLE Sources to openSUSE Project

On Friday 2015-05-01 14:16, Stephan Kulow wrote:

- no downgrades relative to the versions that already were present
in 13.2

there are features that you cannot backstep from. 3.16: "In this
release, XFS has added[...]

Can we agree on:
13.3 kernel needs to be able to cope with filesystems created
with 13.2

and leave out version numbers?

Of course my take was on features, not version numbers, and in any
software, not just the kernel. When a downgrade is envisioned, that
means there have to be backports for _all_ the features that were
already previously included, and I doubt all of them can be found.

That backporting onto old versions also requires more time. Remember
the 1000-patch mess that systemd was a handful of weeks back.
Certainly not want to do that again.

A so-patched version then also fails to resemble anything in original
documentation, creating confusion whereever you look. Time and again,
I have people emailing me about xtables-addons(-1.x) which, while it
supports 2.6.32, does not support whatever RHEL calls "2.6.32". Or
more globally put, upstream will rightfully call them bastardized
versions and at worst refuse assistance.

No downgrades (slew it like ntp), no feature backports (bump package
instead), no version games. These are my openSUSE ideals.
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