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Re: [opensuse-project] [Announcement] SUSE Release SLE Sources to openSUSE Project

On Wednesday 2015-04-29 18:15, Richard Brown wrote:

While that's partially true, I want to highlight that this includes
maintenance updates. That's certainly something new, and I think
exciting. More details on Friday (and to follow in the discussions and
such after I'm sure)

R.Brown in his presentation on openSUSE:Next :
"How the heck are we going to build it"

1. Create and populate openSUSE:Essence
(I'm trying to avoid shared "core"
here since that was once used for Fedora already)

2. Create openSUSE:13.3 with a <path project="openSUSE:Essence"/>,
which means it can override packages with newer versions as

3. Cherry-pick (osc sr --no-cleanup) from openSUSE:Factory into
openSUSE:Essence as desired.

4. Cherry-pick from openSUSE:Factory into openSUSE:13.3
as desired, much like it was already done for the time
between branching off openSUSE:Factory and releasing a
new openSUSE:x.y.

When to have the first release of openSUSE:13.3

Whatever floats.

In particular though, regarding package selection, I do have
the following constraints:

- no downgrades relative to the versions that already were present
in 13.2, even if that means that converging to openSUSE:Essence
takes longer.
I am not going to accept the backstep from kernel 3.16 to 3.12 :-)

- kernel and glibc shall be refreshed for releases.
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