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Re: [opensuse-project] oSC14 dates confirmed, IRC meeting on further organization activities
On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 4:47 PM, differentreality
<differentreality@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 8:59 PM, Svebor Prstačić <svebor@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear all,

The dates for oSC14 have been fixed today, and they are: 24th - 28th April,

I would like to invite all who would kindly help with the organization to an
IRC meeting.

The proposed date for the meeting to take place is this Friday, November
29th, 17:00 hours CET.

Hey, confirming I can make it too.

The proposed channel is: #openSUSE-project -

I am sending the two lists below, which are the proposed table of contents
for the meeting.
- A short status report is on the first list.
- Things we have to start doing, that we really need help with from the
community, are on the second list.

1. Things happening, report:

- University of Dubrovnik and Suse are preparing a venue contract,
-- University of Dubrovnik has confirmed the dates (24th - 28th April, 2014)

- Free Software Foundation Europe is interested in puting a booth at oSC14,
-- Karsten Gerloff (president of FSFE) is interested in giving a talk. Can
we suggest a title?
-- Program commitee needs to be formed to decide on this

- There is an idea to have a business track at the conference
-- Program commitee needs to be formed to decide about this,
-- Program commitee would need to define what it would look like (if we will
have it) - one day or more days; wanted topics etc...

- We have been talking with the Tourist board of Dubrovnik about deals for
accommodation. I hope we'll be able to start making bookings in a week or
-- There is possibility of City of Dubrovnik sponsoring the event
- Tomo (in Dubrovnik) is making a list of locations/bars for parties, will
post info to choose at some time in the near future.

2. Things we need to start doing quickly
- A conference program commitee has to be defined
- Artwork and web design is needed - talked briefly with Carlos, he's
interested to help, but we need more people to help with this
-- We have a local designer, she can help if needed, with suggestions to
make artwork local; coordinate production of materials locally if/when

- A CMS for the conference web is needed
-- We can now publish dates and details about the conference venue so we
should get this ready

FYI, Henne handled the website last year
( I personally like the result.

- We need to deploy OSEM (Contacted Henne, we were waiting for the dates)
-- We need a logo for this

I am happy to deal with OSEM tasks/issues as well as answer any
questions your local org team and volunteers that will deal with admin
stuff in osem might have.

- Call for papers needs to be published - program commitee via mail to
-project and news
release via news.o.o

- Marketing machine has to be put in motion
-- We should get the announcement texts ready
-- news articles; g+ articles...
-- notify tech portals
-- openSUSE conference marketing at FOSDEM - is there a plan for openSUSE
booth at FOSDEM?

- Schedule regular IRC meetings

If there is anything else you think should be talked about, please bring it
up during the meeting, or before by email.

What about the tool to be used for task coordination (last year for
example we used trello for this)?

You can also take a look at last year's trello to check out the tasks
we had and how we dealt with them.

Best regards,

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I am also happy to volunteer for at least a couple of the above
mentioned tasks and I am always available for any help needed or
questions related to the organization that might come up (feel free to
ping me on IRC or gtalk anytime).


I am so so very sorry I didn't make it... Jet lag kicked in and it was
more powerful than my alarm clock! I apologize for that (and yes, next
time feel free to call me).

I will happily participate in Program Committee as well as help out
with announcement drafting, OSEM, etc.
Also it could be a good practice to make a call for the things you
need, for example call for program committee, call for volunteers,
That way, people that couldn't make it to a specific meeting can stil
sign up for tasks :)
[Let's make sure that such emails go both to project and conference
mailing lists]

Going through the meeting's logs (btw for whomever didn't attend and
is anxious to read: I have made
some notes (or rather draft notes that is) which you can find here

It's a long text but I think you will find at least some of that
information quite useful.

I have also seen that you are super anxious about the website (I
totally get it, I was like that too). Don't be.
As soon as we prepare some moto and logo and straighten up a few
things, the website might even magically appera one sunny morning :)
My point being that we already have the infrastructure set (unlike
other conferences) and we can't really have the new looks of our
website until we have some actual content to put in it.

Just to make sure we are on the same page... We need to:
- start drafting announcements (oSC14 dates, CfP opens...),
- find a moto/theme for oSC14 (I would again suggest having a separate
email thread for that so that all our community can get involved),
- finalize artwork (first of all logo and then some promo material for
FOSDEM - poster, cube perhaps...),
- have website & OSEM up&running with the above info.

Regarding sponsorships that were also discussed, I am happy to help
out on that as well. I do have some experience with sponsors in
general. Let's discuss more about it at some other point and get
started. In my opinion, there should definitely be a local person
keeping track of things (probably the same person approaching local
sponsors) and we can together set sponsorship levels and what we can
offer to our sponsors.

Speaking of which, I am all for having a business track, keeping in
mind that this is an openSUSE Community conference and as such the
talks must somehow relate to the opensuse and its community. We don't
even have to name it as a business track if it makes people
uncomfortable. But our sponsors could in fact have something
interesting to present to openSUSE community.
I think we should clearly communicate 2 things to sponsors:
- that their sponsorship does not guarantee them a
presentation/workshop slot and that they should apply for it like
everybody else (through osem) and have the program committee (which is
independent from the sponsors committee) decide.
- and that their talk/workshop should definitely have to do with open
source and relate to openSUSE.

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