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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today

Am Donnerstag, 28. November 2013 schrieb jdd:
Le 28/11/2013 13:44, Will Stephenson a écrit :
Red Hat are doing fine. I'm looking at openSUSE here though. Do you
mean Fedora?

we strongly both depends on our main sponsor, we know companies can
merge when there is stress. If both red hat and SUSE are in good
shape, this mean we have foundations to keep going.

so, if (as I hope), you are right, openSUSE is assured of a long
living on it's own. Good.

I also hope that openSUSE will live forever ;-)

OTOH, "living on its own" should not mean that we should re-invent the
wheel just because we like an "openSUSE wheel" more than a "plain wheel"
;-) (at least unless the "plain wheel" does not fit our needs)

We should cooperate with other distributions whereever it is possible to
avoid duplicate work. For example, I can imagine to share packaging
work. We already "stole" large parts of our packaging guidelines from
Fedora, so it shouldn't be too hard to also share the spec files and
patches for lots of packages - or even write a script to sync packages
from Fedora to openSUSE and from openSUSE to Fedora.

Such a cooperation can save all involved people/distributions lots of
time[1], and I'm quite sure we have enough places where this free time
can be invested better to fix bugs or add new features ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] just as an example: every distribution has hundreds of perl modules
packaged. Now imagine how many hours are spent on keeping them
up to date - in each distribution!
Microsoft's Director .Net Strategy & Developer Group: "Ein Umstieg auf
Linux ist erst einmal mit hoeheren Kosten verbunden." - CTO SuSE Linux
AG: "Das ist, als wenn ich heroinsüchtig wäre und sagen würde, die
Entziehungskur ist mir zu aufwändig. Also lasse ich es lieber bleiben."

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