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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016 picture
Hi Agustin,

Let me try to answer your queries and I have a few questions of mine as well.

I find nothing new in a lot of things you have enumerated here.
Please have a look at it

1) Add focus to increase alignment among contributors.
What kind of focus are you talking about? I am not sure Can you explain a bit?

3) Catalyze openSUSE maturity process.
- openSUSE has an interesting number of contributors. Now we think it is
time to reinforce our structures.
- Having more solid structures/groups will allow openSUSE to assume more
responsibilities and deliver.
- In general, we think we need few rules but good ones, easy to follow and

* Rolling distribution based on release early/release often principle.
Is it not conflicting with the below points, longer release cycles?

* Using OBS repositories to cover further use cases.
- The idea is to initially target developers that need a stable base and
tools on top.
- Another interesting use case are derivatives. There could be more.

Derivatives are usually community owned, in past we publicized SUSE
Studio. Also, do we really have the man power (being realistic) to
churn out more derivatives from within the community?

Principles that would drive our efforts:
* Stability and quality as core values.
- We can make the more stable distribution for users based on Green values.

This has been discussed numerous times and everyone agrees on it. Why
do we need to reestablish it?

* Longer release cycle.

Is there really a very good reason for a longer release cycle. I mean
what kind of problems will it solve?
What is openSUSE team really expecting out of it?

Open Governance Model

Our Governance model has improved over the years. We would like to work with
the community the following years in taking some steps further.

* Technical governance model adapted to our new development processes: very
few but clearer rules. Mentoring ecosystem.

Again how do you plan to have a mentoring ecosystem. I am not sure
again. Mentoring takes a lot of time and few people have been willing
to put in that kind of effort.

There are some questions we would like you to answer:

1) Do you agree with the proposed goals?

We are bringing topics that have already been discussed, we just need
to move forward and I believe we are doing so again and again.

What I believe is :
1. We need to stop discussing things what have been already discussed
2. If we all know that something is missing, then let us take them and
discuss one by one.

2) Are there any other aspects relevant in this discussion? Can you summarize

3) Which are the major risks you see in this view?

4) How do you think we should proceed in order to go from these ideas to real

5) What suggestions do you have for this "New Factory" and "New Release"?

None so far, but really is the New Release really worth it, will it
actually solve a lot of problems ( I am not a factory contributor, so
my views can be discarded ).

Please add any other comments or ideas you have in this or a separate thread.

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
openSUSE Team Lead at SUSE
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Manu Gupta
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