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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
Hi folks,

Agreed. But there is a big and growing gap of missed opportunity
between what openSUSE does and the way SLES is positioned and is used.
Things that would make openSUSE more relevant to users and a more
attractive investment target for SUSE.

I agree here with almost all your suggestions, with one caveat. Do not
try and position openSUSE as a demo platform for ISVs. Don't get me
wrong, I strongly believe we need to get more of the open source based
ISVs to support openSUSE, but we should not switch the focus of the
distro to support that goal. Having openSUSE as the premier platform
for software development should be the goal.

To reach the goal to be a platform for something we really need to discuss the lifecycle of our distribution. When i talk to developers, they dont want to switch to newer upstream versions every 18 months. No application lifecycle can handle this.

A good example would be to have Spacewalk packaged and available for
openSUSE, it is after all the upstream project for SUSE Manager. SUSE
can get some useful feedback on core functions from the community, and
then further tailor the value add component on top.

We should not forget the tools we already have. We have WebYaST and AutoYaST. we just need to combine the features and share them via an central webinterface. Such a solution is only attractive for companys. No homer user would use a toll like this, but openSUSE is far away from being a solution for any company (lifecycle, server version, etc)

I really like this upcomming discussion. Only sad point is that it always comes up on board election and steps back after that.
We should never forget that we have a great distribution and we should learn how we can focus on our main goals. Maybe the biggest point is to identify these main goals. For me as an administrator, there are several things i would like to see on opensuse, like a longer lifecycle and a server variant, or especially a team who works on this topic.

So somebody should make a list with main goals and maybe the community should vote on this. This discussion goes between 10 people (maximum) on the project list, maybe we should aks our users what they want to see. Maybe we are totaly wrong, and we really miss the targets of our users.

In my opinion, we should step a bit closer to SUSE, showing that we are a not supported enterprise linux. We should support office and servers. This should be the rock solid base for anything else, like repos for gamers, designers and what so ever.

Just my 2 cent


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