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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
  • From: Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 13:44:53 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
On 28/11/13 13:27, jdd wrote:
Le 28/11/2013 13:17, Will Stephenson a écrit :

This has already happened. Like a Wild West town after a gold rush,
much of the population of community innovators around Linux has moved on

is it as serious as this? the numbers about obs do not show decrease

I don't think "number of packaging contributions" is a good measure of
innovation. You (the community) do do some excellent packaging, you
come up with ways to package more in less time and test it, but these
are at best good housekeeping practices, not something to get excited
about (unless you count at the packaging BoF at oSC...).

The best news from OBS I see for the health of the project is the trend
for existing distributions and software projects take up home in OBS on
top of openSUSE, see Fuduntu/Cloverleaf coming to OBS earlier in the
year (as a set of packages on top of openSUSE) or Ikey Doherty making
his previously independent SolusOS a set of customisations for openSUSE.
However I again doubt that this is the start of an overall upward
trend, more a case of remaining residents moving together rather than
living alone in empty houses...

The important question IMO is, do we accept that at age 20, the Linux
distribution scene is no longer new and exciting and aim for a stable

I have seen this both in my lug - interest about linux decrease
strongly, but now seems to have a stable small level and on the LDP
(Linux Documentation Project - I was the leader/coordinator for some
years - who don't see nearly any more interest and become more and more
outof date...

Yes, I think there will be some small stable core of contributors who
are so deeply invested in the project that they won't flit (completely
at least) to the new hotness.

if so the question will very soon: do we keep our rpm heritage or do we
become an other debian clone?

If you mean a 'rebase around next more successful neighbour' move as I
described above, I don't think this would happen soon to openSUSE, it
would be a long way along the Main Sequence evolution timeline for FLOSS
projects. But there could be a long and boring decline towards that if
we do nothing.

how is red hat living?

Red Hat are doing fine. I'm looking at openSUSE here though. Do you
mean Fedora?


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