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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
On 28.11.2013 07:53, Andres Silva wrote:
Stephan Kulow wrote:
Am 28.11.2013 00:15, schrieb Kostas Koudaras:
Hi all
First of all sorry for the top posting
This whole thing is so wrong for so many reasons...
Most of them were mentioned mostly by Klaas and Andrew.
Oh, I did not really want to say that so much is wrong. I just would like to see more actions than words. But meanwhile I think maybe there is already action happening.

But what I think what really is wrong is to talk and think of "them" and "us" (note that this works from both positions "in SUSE" and "free surfer"). We have been further away from that but somehow this came back. But this is nonsense.

If we look in detail, we will find huge areas where targets all over the project match perfectly even if it sometimes does not seem so. An example is the LTS distro. Isn't that in our all interest because it makes openSUSE more interesting? Often there are fears in fractions of the community, lets construct for example: The SUSE company might think that LTS is not good for them because it could increase maintenance efforts. But this can be discussed and we all together can come up with solutions. That worked in the past, OBS is an example here.

The role of the openSUSE team is key here in my opinion: It needs to serve both sides and moderate and explain: To the community what the company sees in openSUSE and what it can do and to "the company" what the abilities and interests of non employed contributors are. Everywhere are only humans which need explanations all the time to find solutions together.

What the openSUSE team IMHO _not_ needs to do is what people call "Leadership" in the project. Maybe we need leadership, but that is not a task of the openSUSE team, there are other mechanisms for that in FOSS.

This would mean that I and SUSE, for example, are in equal footing as a
contributor to the project. Just as I, or any other member, cannot
impose, or decide on the rest of our contributors, SUSE's involvement
would be treated likewise. They only contribute. As to how they decide
to do that internally, it is up to their own organization.

I do not think you or me and SUSE are equal in openSUSE. SUSE has given a lot to our community and is investing constantly, we all know that. That is of course for the companies benefit (otherwise that will immediately end) but also to mine and yours and million others. We need not to be overly thankful but we should respect that, as we claim and get SUSEs respect.

We should come over this discussion and rather think of how we use the strength each party is bringing in. Non can do alone. IMHO.


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