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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
On 11/27/2013 09:33 PM, Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
"agustin" == agustin benito bethencourt <abebe@xxxxxxxx> writes:

agustin> Let me propose you some questions:

agustin> 1.- What other variables we should put in place to create an
agustin> accurate picture of the current state of the project?

Don't spend too much time with numbers and statistics as they both are like a
bikini; the most important part is always hidden. Instead invest the time to
make the project more known.

agustin> 2.- What is the perception you think others have from the
agustin> project?

ubuntu and its derivatives are cool. But the issue is they do not think
opensuse as a project yet just another distro.

agustin> 3.- What is your perception, your picture?

My feeling is we as the whole opensuse community are talking the talk but not
willing to walk the talk. People want new packages, or updated packages, yet
not many are willing to help. As a community we have to find ways to convince
people not just complain but also place the hand under the stone.

The whole project is like a broken bucket of uncooked rice. There are too many
bits and pieces around but they are not consolidated.

* There are too many wiki pages with no clear sense of organization, leading
to the image of bad or lack of documentation. When pointed, "it's a wiki" is
the common answer. Well maybe a wiki is not what we need .

* openSUSE should position itself as a leader in the opensource community, but
it seems like we are just following Fedora. Of course one can argue the
point that in this case we learn a lot from Fedora's mistakes and benefit
from our follower position. I would like to see the other side of the story
more, ie Fedora following our direction/approach.

I agree with a lot of this, as someone who has been maintaining packages (Enlightenment) for the last couple of years. In the last 3 weeks i have found 2 new ways that users can contact us one was the forums, that i seem to have missed for a couple of years and a talk function in the wiki. Along with these i've found connect, irc, mailinglists and standard social media sites like facebook. I think this all leads to a disconnected community, i'm not sure what connect is meant to do but i'm not sure it couldn't be done better with the forums. It would also be nice if the forums and the openSUSE mailing list could be merged in such a way that you could use either or but as a start it would be nice if when searching the forums it would also show results from a couple of the mailing list archives and possibly the wiki. I think wiki's work well when they are well structured arch and bodhi have great communities based around there wiki's. I don't think they are good for Q and A's though. I have also struggled to navigate the openSUSE wiki in the past thats possibly improvable by tidying up the front page a little. Simple things like providing a unified design and cross links between all the pages will probably help direct people to the right page, most users looking for help probably know the concepts of forums and wiki's and if they know both exist they will probably use them for the right things.

The reason i started using openSUSE was because it seemed to be a good around distro i didn't want something that claimed to be the best distro for one particular thing i wanted something that treats everything equally and openSUSE does a good job of that. Open Build Service is another thing that helps with that it creates a equal opportunity for all packages and provides a place where anyone can help out. It would be nice if it was more intergrated with yast though.

I think openSUSE is a good strong distro i also think it is good to constantly look at what can be done better. In terms of the numbers maybe the reason that there's alot of people sticking with older versions of openSUSE like 11.4 and 12.1 is because they were good stable releases and those users haven't felt the need to update. We have a openSUSE 10.3 box at work that's used as a build machine and its still used because it works and knowone has felt the need to upgrade it. I have always found upgrading to the next a simple straight forward process but people have described openSUSE as a mature distro and one side effect of that is people don't feel the need to upgrade to every release.

On the talk of openSUSE being a "Heavier Weight" Distro, these days i don't think theres really a noticeable difference its more about the programs / window manager running rather then what the operating system used is. As much as i don't think the phoronix benchmarking is completely accurate most of the time it just shows distro's released around the same time with the same versions of software included generally perform about the same which should be kinda obvious these days.

Anyway thats enough late night rambling for me.

Maintainer Enlightenment on openSUSE
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