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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
On 27.11.2013 12:25, jdd wrote:

but what fun? talking is fun :-)
That is true. Fun.. and needed, I agree. But we're not a debating club, so talking should (only) help us to get our idea done and not be done for the sake of talking.

one of my concern is than on openSUSE list (users one) a small number of
people always bash openSUSE and it's crews - you know who :-(
I don't tbh. If you think that, I think it would be best to work with the board to get that sorted. No need to do that in public.

that said only skilled developpers and skilled writers can really help a
project *online*
I doubt that. If we as a project spread that impression it's something we should think about and stop. Everybody with good will can help.

may be the openSUSE head people (desk, but also known people) should
more *move to users* I mean physically, like FOSDEM but much more.
Vincent Uns went to Capitole du Libre, some years ago, but as Gnome
programmer, not as openSUSE.

local ambassadors are not enough.

If I could invite Jos as openSUSE speaker at some local event this could
give some visibility, but even important local events like Capitole du
Libre do not have budget to pay travel and accomodations

Sure, being there in person is great. I agree we should try to meet up more often, but as in real live, money limits that very much. But AFAIK there is money for that.

something like a movable openSUSE booth that keep moving around all the
We tried that once in KDE, with exactly the same idea. The problem is that the shipping costs are that high for a reasonable box that we hardly can afford.

Stallman come and people come to
see him who is the openSUSE stalmann?
If it is about a guy who attracts people, well, we have Jos, and boy, he's a shiny star!



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