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[opensuse-project] How to improve new software introduction?
This actually RFC, not a lesson.

The gist of a problems in recent times, with so many changes that
happen with systemd and more that are coming with Wayland, is that
fright train, mentioned recently by Jos [1], often run over us, older
users, and indirectly new comers [2].

New users depend on old users for help.

Developers can help, but the language they are using in their daily
communication to other developers has assumptions about other side
ability to understand profession specific idiomatic expressions and
acronyms. This language was developed during college (about 4 years) and
in practice after that. In other words it is off limits for new to
openSUSE without technical background.

New stuff that is radically changing system configuration and debugging
should have web page based docs that can help people understand changes
at much faster rate then what is possible by reading regular documents,
like manual pages.

Being quiet what you do and why you do that, not preparing diagrams
useful for faster learning, is counter productive. Flow and block
diagrams can take some time to create, but they can help in transition
phase by giving opportunity to technically inclined people to learn
how new stuff should work, and more efficiently help new users.

Problem is that such diagrams for new stuff can't be prepared by
community. Those that understand how it works, have not that much time
as openSUSE team at SUSE. Those that don't, need those diagrams :)


"The totally new user is worse off, because the people they turned
to for help are still learning."

Regards, Rajko.
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