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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE13.1/Wayland
On Mon, 2013-11-11 at 16:54 +0000, Alin Marin Elena wrote:
Hi Ikey,

on wayland specific you may want to speak with shumski in the opensuse-kde
channel... he has some basis for it already.
Aha. A named target, love it :) Appreciated!

Many thanks,
Ikey Doherty


On Mon 11 Nov 2013 16:08:12 Ikey Doherty wrote:
Hello all,

My name is Ikey Doherty, and this is me swiftly introducing myself to
the mailing lists.

TL;DR(re:life) Software engineer, made LMDE, ran SolusOS, killed it,
creates software. Done.

Checking through openSUSE 13.1 I can see that Wayland seems partially
supported, however not through the GTK (and related libs) stack. Notably
I can see that the following packages do not have wayland enabled

* gtk3
* cogl
* clutter
As far as I can tell the only stopping point in this chain was enabling
Wayland support in GTK3, due to an old patch (from gtk3.7) being used in
the gtk3 package. I've pushed to Factory [1] in the hopes this will then
allow the rest of the packages to have the Wayland backend support

My reasons are entirely selfish, I need the Wayland backend active to
test Budgie [2] via Weston on openSUSE13.1, but that aside, I cannot see
any particular reason to not have the backend enabled, especially once
you consider the fact that the GTK3 libraries are already dynamically
linked to the wayland libraries.

Happy to do this work myself, hit a bit of a roadblock in terms of
"where do I push?" as there seems to be no pattern in what repository is
used (gtk3 I had to use GNOME:Factory, clutter required openSUSE:Factory
but indeed thats a lot of build deps I do not want to test on
openSUSE13.1 as its about to become stable. Can't seem to submit cogl

Any help on quickly implementing Wayland support in openSUSE would be
much appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Ikey Doherty


​Without Questions there are no Answers!
Dr. Alin Marin ELENA

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