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Re: [opensuse-project] A message for board candidates
On 28.10.2013 18:19, Robert Schweikert wrote:


First we would like to thank the Election Committee for getting the
election process rolling and announcing the time schedule. [1]

For those of you considering candidacy for the openSUSE Board we thought
that the following information may be useful to you.
It is, thanks.

But in addition to these more general points I have a very concrete question: Will was saying in his resignment from the board position: "Thirdly, changes in how the openSUSE project is handled by SUSE shifted many new tasks to the Board."

Maybe I missed it, but I have no idea what this is about. I think this has to be explained a bit more in detail, not by Will but by the remaining acting board, as this affects a potential new board member directly.

What kind of tasks are these? Why are these board specific and can not be shifted to "the openSUSE community" in general? How can SUSE 'assign' tasks to the board at all? What kind of relationship do we have here meanwhile? What is the role of the board, what of the SUSE team (for example), what other "forces" play a role? What is the status quo and what is the plan?

This might sound like dump questions for insiders. But I personally find it extremely hard to stay on track on what is happening in the project. And as I am in the (rare) situation having moved from the "knowing everything what happens in openSUSE" as openSUSE Booster employee to "being an external guy" with time limited interest on openSUSE can assure all employees that you can by far not imagine how much you're cut off from everything if you're not (longer) an employee. (Old problem, still not solved, still being worked on? Offtopic... )

And stuff changes over time. So I think these are valid questions.


As a member of the board you obviously volunteer your time and we know
you will do the best you can in making a positive contribution. While
the future is unpredictable it would be great if you can take a peek
into the crystal ball and see if you feel comfortable with making a 2
year time commitment. During your time on the board you are expected to
participate in most IRC project meetings and the board calls that take
place every other week (currently scheduled for 1 hour on Mondays.) You
are also expected to participate in a face to face board meeting that
usually takes place in Nuremberg at the SUSE office over a weekend
shortly after the new board is formed and you are expected to
participate in the openSUSE conference (end of April 2014). Last but not
least you need to form opinions about project related things that are
brought to the boards attention and volunteer for board activities.

All of this is doable while working full time, obviously, but it has to
be a priority.

Just some food for thought,
Your openSUSE Board


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