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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Bugzilla account creation.
On 08/09/2012 04:42 AM, Jim Henderson wrote:
Significantly less than 1% of those people have complained about the
process it took to get registered - and the openSUSE forums have always
used this registration process since their inception with the forum merge

the people who refused to provide all the personal data (*or* enter fake data) were not likely to press on and complete the process in order to be able to complain..

instead, i propose they just closed the form...and left..

or, maybe they hung around, read the forums/wiki and helped themselves...

or, used nntp to completely avoid both the sign-up and blinkies..

or, maybe they found any of dozens (hundreds?) of other online fora where Linux and openSUSE questions are fielded..

or, maybe they just went back to Windows, Ubuntu or wherever they were coming from...along with a "bad feeling" like: Why oh why would openSUSE want all that info!?!

i mean afair (and its been a LONG time) before i could participate in their Q&As none of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat or etc etc etc wanted to know _my_ street address, job title, and *telephone* number before i even asked the question!!

imho the entire form <> is a huge turn off for most anyone likely to give Linux a try..

in any case the rationale against changing/improving because of "almost no one complained" is very weak at its strongest..

and the point that "concrete data to work with" is needed: please ask Novell to open up their records since the fora were created and provide you/us with the number of hits over time that that page got hit, but no new registration resulted..


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