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[opensuse-project] GSoC: AppStream / Software-Center project #7
Work done during the last week:
* Discussed writing a libappstream with developers of other
Software-Centers, which will allow accessing the AppStream-DB via an
easy GObject-based interface. This will allow us to have all SC
projects agree on a common DBagreement ("standard") which would be the
AppStream database. All like the idea, so I added this to my
post-SoC-TODO - some talking still has to be done.
* Finished PackageKit parallelization, the most important part of my work!
- wrote remaining unit tests
- added lots of documentation and a extended the porting-guide for
PackageKit backends
- tested with Zif and Aptcc backend
* PackageKit 0.8.3 release with all changes upstream, released today! :-)
* Run some performance tests on Fedora
* Added a whole bunch of improvements to the SC code, including some bugfixes
- E.g. we no use the more advanced PkTasks object for some actions
now (where it makes sense)
- Fixed some crashes
- Adjusted to new PK 0.8.x API
- Directly connect to the AppStream database, so we can Resolve()
as many packages as possible
* Unfortunately, the Zypper backend of OpenSUSE is not yet ready
* Experienced some new problems, details below

I also had a meeting with people from OpenSUSE/SUSE to talk about what
is necessary to get Software-Center support in OpenSUSE. It was a very
productive meeting, and I hope you'll see the results later. For now,
I will create a step-by-step plan about what needs to be done to make
AppStream/SC work in any distribution. I already have some drafts for
it (notes I wrote down during my work on the AppStream DB) and will
publish the list this week.
Also, the PK backends are in a not-so-great shape, which makes testing
the SC really, really hard and annoying. This will become better soon,
but I don't think it will work in time with my SoC. So I will probably
not have a usable SC and the end, but I'll have a SC which will work
good as soon as PackageKit backends are fixed.
The remaining time I'll try to squash as many annoying bugs I can find
and make the SC work well enough for basic testing. To get a great and
usable project, I'll have to invest some more time after the SoC,
which I'll do.

These are the recent changes/findings, I'll keep you updated! As
always if you have questions, feel free to ask!
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