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Re: [opensuse-project] Improving the bug management lifecycle/process
On 05/16/2012 01:51 PM, Per Jessen wrote:
Jim Henderson wrote:

OK, so this is something I'd like to start trying to get my arms
around so we can have a more comprehensive approach to dealing with
bug reports and increase the rate of resolution as well as the
follow-up rate when additional information is needed.

It seems that we have a few areas that we should be looking at:

1. There should be some sort of "screening" that takes place before a
bug is accepted - to ensure that the devs aren't seeing multiple
copies of the same bugs. I think it's fair to say that those who
write code would far rather *write code* than try to sort through
duplicate bug entries. While it's likely there still would be dupes
with a screening process, the incidence should be reduced.

There is already some sort of screening/triaging happening, but I don't
know the process nor the people ionvolved. Can anyone from SUSE or
Novell help? My reports are frequently forwarded/rerouted/assigned by
someone called Kun Kun Zhang.

For each component in bugzilla (and this is configurable per product/version), we have a default assignee. This is in many cases bnc-team-screening - and some guys in China handle these and assign it forward.

Anybody can look at bugs assigned to bnc-team-screening and triaging them.

There are also other default assignees.

In each case, the default assignees look at the bug and triage - and then assign to the maintainer of the package (or solve the bug themselves).

We for sure could need more people to do the initial screening.

4. It would be extremely useful, I think - especially for the
non-techie audience - to put some specific training together on things
like (a) how to submit a bug and include the relevant information, (b)
what to expect with your bug and how to monitor progress, (c) how to
provide additional information when requested (and what to do if
you've upgraded/moved to another version/changed distributions/decided
to go back to Windows/MacOS/ whatever) so the bug can continue to be
evaluated by those evaluating it.

We have got to have something like this already - it's not exactly new
stuff. Maybe in the support data base?

Btw. have you seen the documentation on

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