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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Improving the bug management lifecycle/process

Am Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012 schrieb Jim Henderson:
I wonder if there's any way we can get a sense out of the resolved
bugs how many of them were configuration or user education issues
rather than bona fide bugs?

The number of FIXED bugs in relation to the number of bugs with other
resolutions is a good measurement IMHO.

I used bugzilla reporting to generate an overview of bugs by resolution
for various openSUSE versions:

Those numbers are hard to read, therefore I exported them as CSV and
made some nice graphs out of them which
- show the percentage of bugs per resolution
- for all openSUSE releases since 10.0

Actually I made several graphs:

a) all bugs (including open bugs)

a) closed bugs

b) closed bugs, filtered view without DUPLICATE (they don't count) and
NORESPONSE (which is the bugreporter's fault) - in other words: bugs
in this graph were closed purely by the developer's decision.

d) total number of bugreports (by numbers, not by percentage)

Some interesting details:
- of course 12.1 and 12.2 have the biggest number of open bugreports,
but OTOH still 12% of the 11.3 bugs and 28% of the 11.4 bugs are open.
That's a huge number of possibly obsolete bugs.
- about 15% of all (closed) bugreports are duplicates - and this number
didn't change much over the openSUSE releases.
- about 5-9% of the (closed) bugreports are closed because of missing
feedback (NORESPONSE)
- the number of bugreports is nearly stable since 11.3 (about 4000
bugreports per release). Earlier releases had more bugreports.
At least for 11.1, I'd bet this was caused by ZENworks *g,d&r*

To get back to the initial question how many bugreports are PEBKAC:
If you sum up INVALID, WORKSFORME and WONTFIX, you'll get a total of
20-30%. That's already a pessimistic calculation because WONTFIX doesn't
necessarily mean PEBKAC, it can also mean a developer decided not to fix
something due to lack of time etc., and WORKSFORME also includes bugs
that are not reproducable, but might still be valid.

Let me finish this mail with good news:
More than 50% of the closed bugreports are marked as FIXED :-)
If you ignore DUPLICATE and NORESPONSE (which are not the developer's
fault), we even have 60-70% of all bugs fixed.


Christian Boltz

PS: Those graphs won't be online forever - there's a reason I have
/tmp/ in the path. Feel free to save them or even upload them
whereever you want if you want a permanent copy.
The users sending twice are much more nasty.
I guess you will not find a firmware update for them
[Eberhard Moenkeberg in opensuse]

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