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Re: [opensuse-project] Improving the bug management lifecycle/process
On 16.05.2012 05:04, Jim Henderson wrote:
1. There should be some sort of "screening" that takes place before a
bug is accepted - to ensure that the devs aren't seeing multiple copies
of the same bugs. I think it's fair to say that those who write code
would far rather *write code* than try to sort through duplicate bug
entries. While it's likely there still would be dupes with a screening
process, the incidence should be reduced.

By default get assigned to the bnc-screening team who then assign to the package maintainer(s), however without any evaluation. Who are these people actually? It looks to me like Chinese SUSE/Novell staff. That would be a place to expand upon if we could find voluteers subscribing to the screening list and trying to do some further work such as classifying, possibly triaging and identifying duplicates before assigning to the actual maintainers. That doesn't require much technical skills the hard part is luring new people into contributing first.

2. There needs to be more of a "human" reply, especially on older bugs,
that are being addressed. Looking at the current Bugzilla stats, I see
that (for example) 12.1 has 183 bugs in a "NEEDINFO" state - there needs
to be some sort of consistent follow-up to ensure that the info needed to
fix the issues is provided, and if it isn't and the information can't be
obtained (because the issue cannot be duped, those looking at it don't
have the necessary hardware, etc), then the bug needs to be closed.

3. For older bugs, (such as on 10.3-11.3, which there are still open
bugs on), a determination needs to be made as to whether the current
supported releases have those issues, and if they do, the bugs need to be
updated. If they don't, then the bugs need to be flagged in an
appropriate way.

I think it would be appropriate to automaitically send a reminder to those bugs against unsupported releases in NEEDINFO state asking people to triage against a supported version of oS and then to close those not receiving any response in a couple of weeks. That's better than simply WONTFIX'ing in case there are still people that care about them. In fact that is what I already do with bugs against my packages.
Guido Berhoerster
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