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Re: [opensuse-project] Improving the bug management lifecycle/process

Le mercredi 16 mai 2012, à 03:04 +0000, Jim Henderson a écrit :
3. For older bugs, (such as on 10.3-11.3, which there are still open
bugs on), a determination needs to be made as to whether the current
supported releases have those issues, and if they do, the bugs need to be
updated. If they don't, then the bugs need to be flagged in an
appropriate way.

In GNOME Bugzilla, we do have a OBSOLETE resolution. I think that would
help in such cases.

I've been looking yesterday and today at some old bugs filed against
GNOME. To be honest, it's just a big mess. Right now, I see:

+ 28 bugs in 11.0
+ 84 bugs in 11.1
+ 140 bugs in 11.2
+ 73 bugs in 11.3
=> 325 bugs

(I already closed something between 50 and 100 bugs)

The vast majority of those 325 bugs are most likely obsolete, bugs that
should just go upstream, or bugs that are actually feature requests.
That is: bugs that we really should not track anymore.

There are various reasons explaining those high number of bugs:

a) only 2-3 people are looking at the bugs, and those are the same 2-3
people doing all of the remaining work for GNOME in Factory. So we
don't have a lot of time to look at bugs in general, and even less
to look at bugs in old distros.

b) a lot of bugs are just missing details, and as you pointed out,
developers tend to prefer to develop than request missing details in
tons of bugs.

c) reporters tend to not go back to their bugs to close them when
they're fixed/obsolete.

I'm happy to invest a few days to look at all the bugs and move the ones
I feel are still valid for Factory to 12.2, but before doing that, I'd
like us to know what's the right way to proceed for the bugs we don't
care about.

I'd really love to have a OBSOLETE resolution, so we could just
mass-close those bugs with a comment saying "We believe this bug is most
likely fixed in openSUSE 12.1 (or Factory). If you can still reproduce
the bug there, please reopen the bug and move it to openSUSE 12.1."
Alternatively, we can do a mass NEEDINFO-ing of all the bugs, and wait a
few weeks before closing the bugs that didn't get a reply...



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