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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Introducing the Freight Train
  • From: Bryen M Yunashko <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 12:10:29 -0500
  • Message-id: <1337101829.5809.210.camel@linux-sl6g>
On Tue, 2012-05-15 at 18:38 +0200, Per Jessen wrote:
Hmm, yes and no - there are presumably still many users out there for
whom openSUSE is just a tool. If it doesn't work, they'll get another
one. Complaining is also feedback, and it's a lot better than people
just voting with their feet.

That's apples and oranges in my opinion. There's a big difference
between a user who uses and simply is dissatisfied and goes somewhere
else. That's "our fault" so to speak if we didn't create something that
the end user is happy with. I say that, of course, to only some extent
because we are obviously not in the business of appeasing every user out

What we're talking about here is how the complaint (or yelling) is
conveyed. "I can't believe this doesn't work! Don't you people ever
test anything?!? SUSE pays all these people and it is broken?!?" That
kind of complaint is not useful because the expectation they have for
openSUSE is unrealistic. openSUSE != SUSE. openSUSE != "The free
version of SLE." openSUSE belongs to everyone, including users. And
thus it is wrong to always assume that something broken is the fault of

I have seen a number of times over the years people complain like this
and when we tell them they can be testers and help identify problems,
they have outright said "Not my job! That's SUSE's job!"

Disengage the perception that everything openSUSE is the domain of SUSE
and we can eliminate at least one hurdle. That's why, as I said earlier
in this thread, its a good thing we're shifting from calling openSUSE as
the basis of SUSE and moving to calling openSUSE an upstream project.
Because frankly, that's exactly what we are.


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