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Re: [opensuse-project] Introducing the Freight Train
On 10.05.2012 20:49, Robert Schweikert wrote:
and if those people in the openSUSE
community are just clueless noobs and death-by-bikeshedding
trolls, right? (Yes, I'm being ironic.)

Unfortunately we have plenty of bikeshedding even on technical issues,
see the systemd discussion from last year, and I think we just have to
be more aggressive in trying to suppress it.

Going back to the original message that spawned this thread I stick with
what I said originally, most of it is a theoretical argument, it is an
invitation to bikeshedding, and the message itself should probably not
have been posted, at least not in the way it was presented.

IMO there is a tendency in such discusssions to dismiss any dissenting view out of hand as "bikeshedding" even if it is built on substantiated arguments just because there is also one or two trolls participating in a thread.
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