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Re: [opensuse-project] Introducing the Freight Train
Le 10/05/2012 11:12, Guido Berhoerster a écrit :

I think others have pointed out before that things are not always that
simple and not all packages are created equal and exist in a vacuum.
Certain technical decisions can have very far reaching consequences
not only on a package itself but by directly and indirectly inflicting
work on others, affecting the user experience and pulling the project
in a certain direction for years to come.

yes, but in this situation we have only a small bunch of solutions:

* hope that the maintainer is aware of this and take it into account
* hope than more volunteers step in
* hope that the main (or other) sponsor give instructions to some employee to step in

rignt now, AFAIK, openSUSE have no paid person in charge, so all we can do in hope :-).

if a product is not maintained, how can openSUSE use it?

by the way the overall situation is pretty complicated, because the way people works for openSUSE is very varied.

Some,are paid for by sponsors (obvious)
some (sometime the same) work on they free time on core programming
some work on they free time on other less important applications
some work on documentation for an application
some work on the openSUSE communication (mailing lists, forums, wiki...)

some works upstream, may be never knowing about openSUSE but have a work used by openSUSE

and I certainly forgot some

and is any of these stop working, somebody have to step in - or the system fails. Think about openSUSE weekly news

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