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Re: [opensuse-project] Has openSUSE as a project approached Valve re the possible upcoming Steam for Linux?
On Sunday, April 29, 2012 02:26:30 AM C wrote:
Steam for Linux has been floated a few times starting int 2010.
Today I spotted this:

and this made me wonder... are we (as a project) also approaching
Valve in some official capacity too ...

SUSE as company can do that, but openSUSE as cloud like entity is not really
interesting for Valve [1]. They need someone that can guarantee that game
store for openSUSE users will be present in every release, visible and easy to
use. Games will ask for certain level of stability in every release, easy
access to proprietary graphic drivers and possible more proprietary
components, that could mean more mandatory purchases of other components that
make multimedia support for games.

With current SUSE goals, to serve enterprise market, not individual consumers,
this would require serious adjustment in openSUSE treatment, or creating
completely new edition that will be supported for a longer time, media
oriented, purchase based [2].

Will that benefit openSUSE?
I think yes, specially that openSUSE doesn't need much adjustments, nor much
time to create product that will support media stuff. Problem is public
perception reflected on , [3] and
probably other sites, that openSUSE is similar to Fedora.

It is obvious that Ubuntu has some advantage, at least in size of user base,
and public perception that they are friendly distro for beginners and all that
want to use computer, but not to dive in computer internals. openSUSE can fix
that in a few years, that much needed Ubuntu to raise from newcomer on the
Linux scene to the most used distro. But, that will not happen with current
goals that cut fine to linux oldtimers, do-it-yourself guys, but not to
current trends where more users are coming that use computer to do stuff that
is not computer configuration.

[1] You can see it, but you can't touch it, nor sign even the weakest form of
agreement unless you go to chase every droplet that makes cloud.

[2] Purchase. It is not simple purchase installation CD. It could be purchase
game with link to site that will provide installation ISO, offer CD/DVD to
order with preinstalled game(s),

[3] There is slight drop comparing
to last year. Also, .

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