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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: eat your own dog food
Petr Tesarik - 22:27 18.04.12 wrote:
Dne St 18. dubna 2012 20:02:14 Bruno Friedmann napsal(a):
On Wednesday 18 April 2012 17.54:43 Petr Tesarik wrote:
Moving this topic to the opensuse-project mailing list.

Dne St 18. dubna 2012 14:23:20 Hendrik Vogelsang napsal(a):

oh boy...

On 04/18/2012 01:27 PM, Lars Müller wrote:
- try to push openSUSE to a more userfriendly level


Therefore I suggest we offer each time we release a SUSE Linux
Enterprise version (GA or SP) a code stream of openSUSE

You really have to explain this one to me. Why do you think that, for
instance, SLE-11-SP2 is more userfriendly to the average user than
openSUSE 12.1?

Or do you "just" think that the openSUSE release cycle is to short?

We should make our minds once and forever. Either make openSUSE releases
less often and maintain them for longer, or make a real rolling distro.

It's a hard decision, but I believe we can't pretend we can do both, or
any reasonable compromise. Keep in mind that a true rolling distro must
not break things on a running system.

My two cents,
Petr Tesarik

Petr and what was the first source Perhaps a link to the web archive, could
help to understand the context. what why etc ...

OK, it started on an internal SUSE list, so I can't give a link. Sorry. In
short, Lars was not quite happy about the amount of work that is required
an admin after a version upgrade. I can confirm that upgrading a customized
system so that users don't have to change their habits too much is ... a
challenge, at least.

This was quite missing and not guessable from context, also subject is
quite confusing... Anyway, now we know the problem, what was the

But I'm not sure that supporting each (or a selected) openSUSE release for
longer time is an appropriate solution. We surely don't have resources to
support more code streams in parallel. I know about the Evergreen project,
I doubt it can deliver all (or at least all ciritical) security fixes for,
say, 5 years. I believe that a single rolling distro that gets all the latest
stuff, but in a way that doesn't break existing installations would be a
better way to tackle the initial issue. Now, Greg's attempt was not a real
rolling distro, because AFAIK it didn't move smoothely from openSUSE 11.4 to
openSUSE 12.1 (and so on).

Or do we disagree about the problem statement in the first place?

I think we disagree on the problem. I have no troubles keeping up with
openSUSE on my server starting with 11.4, continuing with Thumbleweed,
migrating to 12.1 Thumbleweed and adding and removing custom

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