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[opensuse-project] Membership - Part n (and hopefully the last part?)
I have tried to follow this thread started by Robert (for what reason is still beyond me, but nevertheless....).

It had reached the stage of sheer boredom a while back in attempting to read posts in that "Membership" thread.

Just before I started typing this message there were 84 posts concerning this "Membership" nonsense - and there is nothing else to call it but "nonsense".

We are using Linux because we do not want to have other, monopolistic, anti freedom-to-choose-our-operating-systems entities shoving down our throats what systems we must use.

We belong to a group of free spirits who refuse to be dictated to by monopolies and are users of one of many LINUX based systems. And openSUSE is just *ONE* of such systems.

There is nothing extraordinary about openSUSE - at least not anymore. It was when I first started to use it back in the 1990's but no more.

Nostalgia and the belief in the future of openSUSE is what keeps, at least some of us, continuing to use openSUSE.

But forget about the nostalgia.

Just don't destroy the BELIEF.

If you want to keep flogging this dead horse of an idea of "Membership" then it should focus of membership of a *LINUX* fraternity and not this silly notion of being a "member" of openSUSE - which is now owned by Attachmate, previously owned by Novell, previously owned by the creators of S.u.S.E..

Who is going to own openSUSE once Attachmate is offered more money to own openSUSE?

Why did Attachmate decide to retain the name "openSUSE"?

What would be the case if the new owners decided to call it "Attachmate Linux" (or similar)?

We are members of a group of people who use and love and respect and contribute to in one way or another to *LINUX* and *FOSS*.

I'll stop here because I know that you have the intelligence to realise in which direction any deliberations, policy, and effort should directed.


I'd rather live one more day as a wolf than an entire life as a lamb.

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