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[opensuse-project] openSUSE medical project beginning!!!
  • From: "Stathis Iosifidis (aka diamond_gr)" <diamond_gr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 23:22:48 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
Hello team,

My name is Stathis, I'm postgraduate Veterinary Medicine Student. I was given the responsibility to coordinate the team.
In openSUSE community I joined ambassador program and I help the marketing team. I'm also openSUSE member.
Some of those who don't know me, I'm one of the 2 who started organizing the Greek openSUSE community.
Well this is a short openSUSE resume of me.

All this time, I didn't write my thoughts because we had the 12.1 release. Now it's all done so we can focus on our goal.
I wrote down some things that must be done (in my opinion). Not particularly in that order. The second step will be to set timetable.

1. Try to separate the project into 2 different sub-projects. The first will be a livecd with an Electronic Medial Record program (such as openEMR [1]) that will focus on doctors-clinics environment. This livecd will include also some software that we'll find out after a survery-research we'll do (I started a Google Code In task that we'll continue[2]).
The second sub-project will be to create a livecd that will focus on bio-informatics. That means we'll search all possible program that can be found, obs it to medical repository.

2. The 2 above livecds will be created using KIWI. Also the above livecds need base system stability. Need something like Tubleweed or Ubuntu's LTS. So we create them once and then only update the medical software from the repository. I don't want us to create very fast a livecd based on 12.1 but I want us to create a livecd just like described above. We must make something the right way and keep it forever.

3. The livecds must be modified according to the needs of doctor. It's good if we add cool artwork, we'll find the right desktop environment (from the survey-research we'll do) etc.

4. Make our Portal wiki, real Portal. I mean every program we'll add to our repository, we'll create a TUTORIAL (how to install and maybe small how to use it, pictures, video, where to find help, mailing list, IRC, forum).

5. During creating the above sub-projects, we'll plan to meet on IRC once or twice every month to see what we've done from last meeting and set new goals for the next meeting. This way, we'll keep our timetable running.

6. Use support channels more often. Mailing list, IRC channel and maybe a forum section.

7. After (or during) the process, we'll use social media (connect, twitter, identica, facebook etc). We'll use our marketing channels to make noise to the world.

Of course all above cannot be done by one person. As I told you above, I'm Veterinary Medicine Student. I don't have a clue how to KIWI or to obs. So we need people to help us.

When we'll be enough people, the best way to proceed is to work inside teams of 2-3 people. Some of the teams will be
1. distro maintainers: they'll be responsible to keep the distro working
2. packagers or obs-ers ;-)
3. software scouters and testers: strange name, they'll find the packages, try to install them, use them and then announce to the list. All those programs that we MUST add to our repository are already listed, so we can start right away.
4. documentation: they'll write the documentation to the Portal. I guess they'll be the same who will maintain our wiki.
5. artwork: if we cannot find someone, then we can ask the openSUSE artwork team.
6. marketing: will promote the project (social media etc)

The final step for our product is to be tested with real equipment. When we'll be at this stage, we'll search for equipment (personally I have some channels where I can test them).

Well, saying all the above, I want you:

1. To add something that you think it'll help us grow.
2. To add your name if you want to help and what subject can you help.

You better reply to opensuse-medical@xxxxxxxxxxxx (it's our meeting place).

Contribute to medical project and have a lot of fun!!!
Thanks for your help.

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