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RE: [opensuse-project] Re: [RFC] - Attempt to build open SLES-based distro
How useable that source is another question. ie. providing it on
paper would satisfy the GPL as far as I know. Fortunately, I've not
heard of any company trying to abuse the GPL like that.

I have, believe me, they are out there, I have the proof of an
obfuscated kernel driver that was sent to me as a printout a long time

Fortunatly, SUSE is not such a company.

Full ACK. Well, why should SUSE - Providing src rpms also drills down support
costs, as partners etc. have the possibility to rebuild/patch rpms also in
SLES, which in return makes the distro better after all. Printing out all code
of a few thousand of packages consisting of millions of lines of code would for
sure not be a good idea in terms of "green IT" as well... And SUSE _is_ green
as we all know ... :)

- mike
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