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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: [RFC] - Attempt to build open SLES-based distro
On 2011-09-27 21:28:48 (+0200), Michael Kromer <mkromer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I guess you are talking about the upgrade subscription, right? However,
as GPL clearly states that you cannot charge anything for the Software
itself, you actually pay for the "service around packaging, power,
ethernet - simply infrastructure and update service".

I don't believe this is correct. To the best of my knowledge, the GPL
doesn't prohibit charging for the software, but it states that the
source must be freely available. The GPL doesn't have a lot (if
anything) to say about cost, because "free" doesn't mean "as in beer" in
the GPL.

Seems I am correct on this. See:

(As well as the other questions present)

Indeed this is something I wasn't aware of - Thanks for pointing this out!

Actually, the only obligation SUSE has with SLES there, to
comply with the GPL and other open source licenses, is to make
the source of updates available when you have a subscription.
As you can't get ahold of the updates without a subscription.

The key here is the updates, as the release in itself is
available anyway.

-o) Pascal Bleser
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