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RE: [opensuse-project] [RFC] - Attempt to build open SLES-based distro
Am 27.09.2011 12:06, schrieb Markus Slopianka:
open-slx is planning an SLE 12 clone with the completely retarded name
although I don't know if they plan that with community participation.

According to the first announcement they are planning exactly the same
business model as SLES but just a few bucks cheaper.
"Kunden, die Support und Maintenance benötigen, sollen zudem
entsprechende Leistungen bei open-slx ordern können."

Honestly: No, this is not my intention. Of course, we all want to do good
business, and as I said this could be optional - I really want to see this
community controlled (with some guys for admin-stuff, tracking, etc.) - not
company controlled (similar to what openSUSE does). open-slx simply looks to me
as it wants to copy SLES, rebrand it, and make money of it. It is a business
model, but none I would like to support. And BTW: Roadmap says SLES12 is to be
released in Q3-4/2013[1]. Really: I want to get something done earlier, since
open-slx could only start their work probably somewhere in 2013 (when the first
betas come up if they really do) ... ;)

@Wolfgang: Thx. I really appreciate your help!

- mike

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