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Re: [opensuse-project] [RFC] What about
Am 22.09.2011 10:15, schrieb DenverD:

but, how do you detect if the user installed from a magazine provided
image, is on an expensive and slow dial up in Timbuktu and really really
really doesn't want a load of 'content' at his/her download cost? or, .
. .

if a static, on hard drive popup (in whatever browser) _offered_ to
connect to everything you can think of, then the user has _choice_

[what if this new user is running away from the dark side because, which
no choice, s/he is forced to download piles of stuff everyday . . . ]

so, i vote for an upgraded, installed, static, greeter with the option
to click to broadband, flat rate magic. ymmv

You also could copy the website in the homedir of the user, like the example documents of Ubuntu.

I think there will be possibilities to not leave out the people without a good internet connection.


-o) Kim Leyendecker
/\\ openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Wiki Team DE
_\_v - Linux for open minds

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