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Re: [opensuse-project] [RFC] What about
On 09/22/2011 12:35 AM, Sebastian Oliva wrote:
On 20.09.2011 Kim wrote:
Hello Geeckos!

There were a discussion[1] about kicking SUSEGreeter a few months
ago. And yes, it was quite quiet about it until today.

My idea:

creating a site called, instead of using

SUSEGreeter was very nice in a time where not everyone had an
internet connection. In the most countries of the world, an internet
connection is standard now.

So, I think SUSEgreeter should be retired. There so many new
technologies on the internet, so, why not using a website instead of

The idea:

* Creating a website which is lightweight but still delivers a
comprehensive bunch of information, which could be useful for first

* Links to openSUSE News, openSUSE´s facebook presence and other SUSE
stuff on the internet

* Link to the mailinglist archive

* Download links for additional CDs

* link to SUSE Studio

* links to the most important wiki pages

I´m on the way to create a prototype of such a site and want to ask
you if anyone else is interested in it? I´m working a bit with HTML
&& CSS in the near past and the near future, so it also would help
me to get in the stuff ;-)

So, I want to ask for comments and ideas about it.

If there people who are interested in it, don´t be shy and join the
project ;-)

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 3:40 PM, James Mason<bear454@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm really not sold on this idea. SUSEGreeter still has its place, even
if its just a shell for the browse to (or

But (1) we already have the infrastructure to show SUSEGreeter at the
right place at the right time, and (2) a wide-open internet connection
isn't universal.

I'd like to see SUSEGreeter evolve, and host some HTML content, and if a
network connection is available, pull networked content as well.

My 2¢
- James M

I agree with you, we could autodetect if the user has internet
connection, and then show the online version, or if not, show a local
static page to greet.

I think we need support from a design and usability perspective. I
think we should cc to the -artwork list


but, how do you detect if the user installed from a magazine provided image, is on an expensive and slow dial up in Timbuktu and really really really doesn't want a load of 'content' at his/her download cost? or, . . .

if a static, on hard drive popup (in whatever browser) _offered_ to connect to everything you can think of, then the user has _choice_

[what if this new user is running away from the dark side because, which no choice, s/he is forced to download piles of stuff everyday . . . ]

so, i vote for an upgraded, installed, static, greeter with the option to click to broadband, flat rate magic. ymmv

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