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Re: [opensuse-project] packaging rules
On 12.09.2011 Jos wrote:
On 10.09.2011 Alin wrote:
Hi All,

in the last few days we had a small flood, a trickle compared with
Noah's, on the mailing list about some package distributing
religious content. The discussion got hijacked by personal views
totally ignoring the fact that we already have guidelines for these

Some examples of content which are not permissible:
Religious texts

We shall decide what we should do.
1. Scrap the rule

This is something you can't discuss over a mailing list as the last
week has clearly shown. It is something for a face to face meeting
like the openSUSE conference. If anyone thinks the rules need
changing, OK, let's discuss it here or at another conference which
has a significant number of people attending.

2. Apply the rule.

So that's right now the way to go, I'd say. But it's the call of the
team maintaining the repository (and after them the call of the
release team if they accept the package or not). In the end - these
'rules' aren't black and white (but more like guidelines) and we
could modify the text slightly (as has been proposed) and make an

Note that I didn't mean this as an invitation for further bikeshedding.
Please just discus this with the relevant people (the team) on IRC or
(even better) at oSC11 and just decide... This discussion on the list
should stop as it's going nowhere.


Meanwhile this discussion has also shown we have a problem with
people behaving what I can only call childish. Apologies to all for
the behavior of some here. Tomorrow we'll have a BOF at the
conference to discuss having some moderation on this list.

I don't think these things have to be brought to the openSUSE Board.
After all, if kids mis-behave, you don't go to the police, you give
them a (verbal) slap on the wrist. It's how they learn.


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