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Re: [opensuse-project] Religious and political views in packages
On 10/09/11 19:49, Administrator wrote:
this kind of answers the question

I suspect some admin should reach for rdelete... as a breach of the

Content should not be offensive, discriminatory, or derogatory. If you
are not
sure if a piece of content is one of these things, it probably is.
Some examples of content which is permissable:

Some examples of content which are not permissible:

Religious texts
looks perfectly clear to closed.

unless folks want to change the rule.
while discussing rule change, consider including (alongside SWORD) the
"Qur'an For Linux"<>..

and, ponder those devs renaming and adopting a logo historically
relevant like the Crusader's sword
<>...(i doubt it but) maybe will change to a more eye-catching Scimitar, Jambiya, or Boeing
7X7 ??

if the rule changes, would openSUSE have to allow the packages of other
religions, major and minor?
I agree that we (OS) should not carry religious texts in the packages. I
don't know if the rules prevent people creating& maintaining a repository
with these texts, but can't see any reason why we'd prevent that.

Perhaps if the religions could agree internally and with each other about
the acceptable and valid texts then we should reconsider. The first step is
to create an agreed list of the valid religions and the variants which are
correct. Any offers (not on list please)?


You ask this question with foot-in-mouth right?

Er, sorry.....tongue-in-cheek, right? 8-) .

(I can't wait to have someone come up with, and ask to include in Factory, software which is aimed at providing information to holocaust deniers :-D .)


Any experiment in life will be at your own experience.

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