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Re: [opensuse-project] Religious and political views in packages
On 2011-09-09 11:59:40 (+0200), Sascha Peilicke <saschpe@xxxxxx> wrote:
sr#81625 want's to add 'sword', a bible study tool to openSUSE:Factory. While
that is totally fine, the spec file %description contains stuff like:

Not really coming up to a solution or decision, unfortunately.

What the hell, really.

I really, deeply hate religions, all of them, but that's my very
personal opinion, just like anyone who believes may have her
belief as her personal opinion. It is not relevant in any way --
I'm just explaining that personal philosophical or political
opinions shouldn't matter for things we do as a project.

And to those who'd want to keep it out: really? I mean, really?
Censorship is any better?

IMHO the best solution would be to just take it into Factory
based on its technical aspects (just as with any other package
that wants to go into Factory), but would change the
%description to Michael's proposal, specifically because it is a
lot more accurate.

And be done with it.

Cmon folks, it's a project, it's a community (whatever that
means), which very obviously means making compromises.

And while on a personal note I agree with every single bit of
what has been said against religions on this thread, this is
really no place for acting like that. It's fine to discuss on
#opensuse-chat, because hey, what the hell ;), but offending
groups of people on the project mailing-list, nah, really, just
don't, it's not nice nor funny at all.

Speak out freely, of course, but don't start dissing part of the
community on their personal opinions. One may only do that with
trolls ;)

-o) Pascal Bleser
/\\ -- we haz green
_\_v -- we haz conf
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