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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Formal complaint

are you trying to to tell us that someone reported you to the board for not
believing in an old omnipotent man living somewhere up?
I knew that public health system is a disgrace... but this is too far...

I hope the board has more common sense... than the person who reported you.


On Fri 09 Sep 2011 20:54:28 Markus Slopianka wrote:
I will say I find the above comment (among others) insulting to me
personally and hope the board makes note of my personal complaint.

And I complain that I was singled out and that my mail address was the only
one sent to the board even though I was hardly the only one in that thread
who does not believe in invisible beings for whom there is no scientific
evidence for.

C. S. Lewis being one of the better known converts from Atheism to
His conversion took place as an adult. It took place because he began a
project to explore the fictional nature of the christian religion and
expose it to the world. Instead he came to the conclusion it was valid

Usually I don't care about religious people around me, just as I don't care
for that bible package discussed in that mailing list thread (I was merely
replying that atheists usually don't feel offended but supporters of other
religions might feel offended for only including Christian software in
openSUSE) but writing on a public mailing list and to me personally that
Christianity is (quote) "valid" surely sounds like an attempt of Christian
conversation to me.
Not only was I singled out in the complaint, I now also feel like a victim
of a conversation attempt and THAT offends me.

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