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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-project] Religious and political views in packages
On Fri, 2011-09-09 at 09:35 -0300, aledr wrote:
Is this thread what it meant to be?
Starting a discussion about not offending people with biased religious
views, taking neutral stance, but using words like 'bedtime story',
fairytales, imaginary beings, ... seems to be a frustrated try that
would be better to never happen.
I must say that It is a funny rationale, to not say tragic.

Welcome to the "open" world of the champions of
"tolerance" [ "tolerance" meaning "bigotry which is too high-minded to
recognize itself" ].

If this were a software package about Asatru would anyone care? I
really doubt it.

This is just another special-purpose software-package that isn't
installed by default; I can't bring myself to care about the text in
their package info so long as it isn't profane and doesn't directly
incite violence [of course, what about the descriptions of many

And (a) insulting people with religious beliefs and then (b) being
insulted on their behalf.... Really??? As they say "whatever!".

As someone who interacts regularly with religiously devote people -
99.44% of them wouldn't even take notice of the text in this package
description. Could you find someone somewhere that would be offended?
Sure, and that is always true.

Rather than [pretending to] take insult on someone else's behalf why not
just operate in good-faith [pun intended] and publish the text; then if
someone in the real-world actually takes offense the board can make a
policy. Otherwise this is all just boxing shadows.

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