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Re: [opensuse-project] openFATE
Am 06.09.2011 00:55, schrieb Steven Sroka:

Hey Steve,

I was just wondering (and I say this with respect), how many you
developers, that are on this list, visit openFATE on a
semi-regular/regular basis?
Hmm, probably too less.

I keep hearing that openFATE is where ideas come to die, but that
should not be true if _at least_ the core developers, packagers, etc.
are looking there for what people want in the next release.
Who is "the core developers" in your opinion? I don't think it makes sense to make this distinction. We're a community of poor souls coming up with a distro and other useful stuff every now and then ;-)

I would hope that many people, also not developers sometimes go through openFATE and _work_ with features, ie. do more candid descriptions of ideas, mark duplicates, close features if they make no sense, discuss alternatives etc. You could say ideas die in openFATE, but OTOH without openFATE they wouldn't have ever came to life. But agreed, the amount of features that actually get processed is far too low.

as an open source project there should many people looking at openFATE
and trying to implement the feature requests there, not just the
people on this list.
Thats right. Maybe we do not value enough if people finish a feature? I know, in free software people like to do what they want, which is good and ok, but I also know that people look for ideas what they could do with their level of expertise, amount of time and so on. Here openFATE could help.

I ask this because I am in the process of collecting a list of many
small things that (at least I think) need to change/get fixed in the
next release. Emphasis on "small things".

I have 4 options:
1. List them on openFATE, see if anyone decides to implement the changes
Consider to talk about and talk through until you find somebody who could help and has on opinion.
2. Email various opensuse mailing lists and ask developers if they
have the time/interest
Good idea.
3. Enter bug reports (generally as an "enhancement", and only
sometimes as an actual bug)
Hrm, same as what you describe above with another tool.

4. Do the changes myself
Thats generally a good idea. And together with option 1. and 2. one can succeed even if she/he thinks she/he can not do it before.

With ideas in free software communities its difficult - people tend to say "ideas are cheap" if one comes with an idea only. But if one is willing to try it himself but does not know exactly how, thats a different story. Suddenly people are happy to help. Thats what make up a community I guess.

BTW, the kind of things I am looking at are things like:
Cool examples, I would try to find a solution for at least one of your points and tell people on the opensuse-kde list about, including a patch. Than you will see the reaction.

Ah, and one thing shouldn't be remembered: Stay flexible and patient if things turn out differently. Thats also how communities work :-)



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