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Re: [opensuse-project] anti-harassment policy at oSC 2011
On 2011-05-10 Togan wrote:
On 05/10/2011 06:01 PM, Greg KH wrote:
sexual or racial images in public spaces

Them being defined as sexual or racial by whom?

By the person hearing them.

That is subjective

deliberate intimidation

Again, defined by whom?

By the person feeling intimidated.

That is subjective

inappropriate jokes and insults;

OK, insults should be out of the question but who defines the
inappropriateness of a joke? That varies between cultures.

Again, it is defined by the person hearing it.

Again that is subjective

IMO a policy should be impartial, subjective terms will not help

Then you can NEVER have a policy against inproper behavior because the
whole CONCEPT of improper behavior depends on subjective grounds.
Actually, all of ethics is subjective, unless you ask God or Allah or
another Deity to decide (and you'll have to interpret that too).

So this is not a useful argument and that has been said 20 times in this
thread already as well as in the FAQ on the site. Can we please get out
of philosophy mode and talk about any concrete improvements? If there
are none, then let's stop the discussion and we'll have a policy.


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