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Re: [opensuse-project] New questions for people of openSUSE
On 2011-04-29 Kim wrote:
To find a solution:

We merge JosĀ“ questions with the existent together, and let the
interviewed person the choice, which of the answers he or she wants
to answer.

Is this a deal, with it is everybody happy? ;)

No, because you'll never get everybody happy. You do the interviews, so
you decide. If you think sending 50 questions is better, do it. If you
think sending 5 questions is better, do it. Listen to the input here but
don't try to find an agreement. I disagree with Per on what's cool and
that'll never change; I don't like AC/DC so Kostas won't like me anymore
- it won't change. And Thomas thinks he will consider cool things
someone did in openSUSE boring while I think it would be more
interesting that somoene's stamp collecting hobby. Won't change.

So don't bother, really. Try to find what you think is best - you do the
work, after all.


(yes, I feel we try to find consensus a bit too often on this list. You
won't find that in many cases, and frankly, who cares? If someone here
disagrees with the choices Kim makes, hey, start doing your own
interviews and we'll publish them on news.o.o, no problem!)


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