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Re: [opensuse-project] Looking forward to the openSUSE conference, respond with recommended topic areas
On 2011-04-29 Kostas wrote:
2011/4/28 Alan Clark <aclark@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Planning has begun for this years openSUSE conference. Though a
date hasn't been confirmed, there is still much to do and
preparations that can be made.

We really want to include as many community members as possible in
the conference preparations, in leading the presentations and
participating at the event. At last weeks program committee
meeting, it was determined that the conference needs to build and
strengthen our community as well as invite collaboration with
other people and projects. To best accomplish this it is critical
that the conference focus on topic areas that are of most interest
to you, and so we are asking for your input.

We, as the program committee, are reaching out to ask for your
input to 2 questions:

1) What do you consider to be the top two or three current or
upcoming topics, (e.g. in terms of technology major undertakings
and tasks) that need to be addressed soon, and where one or more
sessions during the conference could be helpful for collective

If I understood right what you are saying I would say
-Organizing Communities
-Making and recruiting Contributors

2) To engender collaboration with the project, who are
the top two or three people/projects from outside of
that should be invited to the conference for close collaboration?

I would have said KDE people and Gnome people but those will be there
anyway ;-) so I am thinking a bit more outside the box and say to
bring people from smaller projects such as Enlightenment(E17)
and LXDE and see how we can work with them since extra light GUI's
are interesting and I had many conversations about them the last few
months, their development seems to attract some users and some

Also I would like to see Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu/Madriva(or Mageia) and
last but not least Slackware people.

If possible, try to let us also know what it is what you expect from
them being there. It is awesome to have slackware people at the oSC -
but other than having another opportunity to drink beer with patrick,
what exactly do you hope to accomplish? Having them there for the sake
of it - ?!?

That's it from me.

To join the preparations and to stay apprised of the latest plans,
contribute at:

openSUSE Conference Program Committee

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Kostas Koudaras

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