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[opensuse-project] Re: openSUSE Conference CfP - what kind of sessions?
On 2011-04-28 Jos wrote:
Hi all,

I haven't had any feedback on the draft CfP [1] I wrote nor on the
guidelines for speakers [2]. Both had a couple of questions and
concerns on the top which need answering, let me replicate the most
important of them here.

* do we schedule Discussions (as I've called the RW/BoF/Unconference
style sessions) fully in advance? Or do we keep the CfP open until
the conference? Or do we reserve a certain number of spots for
at-the- conference scheduling? I vote for all three: keep the CfP
open for these, schedule in advance but keep some slots for at the
conference. * I think we should have workshops too. Then we have
listen-participate- learn: Talks (traditional one-way), Discussions
(bof/unconference/barcamp), Workshops.
* 50 minute sessions make sense, with 10 min to change rooms?
* It makes sense to allow Discussions and Workshops to ask several 1
hour slots imho... Yes?

Furthermore, I believe Alan or Bryen will send a request to this ML
for ideas on subjects for the conference (keep the treads separate

or_speakers [3]

Let's see what we can do for this conference with the following
*1 big room for talks and 4 smaller rooms
*read-only talks only in the big room
*discussions in 2 rooms
*workshops in 1 room
*1 suselabs room
*We have 4 days
*Starting at 9 with a 30 min keynote
*keeping things up until 16:30 (as we have cool ideas for things
after *that time)
*a 1 hour lunch break and 2 30 min coffee breaks (10:30-11, 12-13 and

We can have 5 slots per day per room. That means up to:
1 keynote per day, 4 total
5 talks/day, 20 total
5 workshops/day, 20 total (but several will last 2-4 hours so count
on more like 10 workshops in total
10 Discussions/day, 40 total
5 SUSE Labs sessions/day, 20 total.

Yep, counted very well, 84 total slots, probably like 75 sessions to
be scheduled in total.

Oh, and I also wrote:
As a start for an announcement - again, review helpful.
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